SQR-030: Jenkins Administration

  • Joshua Hoblitt

Latest Revision: 2019-04-03

1   How To

1.1   Clean up All Job Workspaces

Leeroy runs the jenkins-node-cleanup job periodically in order to automatically clean up job workspaces when the node on which they are located drops below a set free space threshold. In the event that there is stale state and/or corruption of workspaces, there is a job parameter named FORCE_CLEANUP that when set to true, will force workspaces on a node to be cleaned up regardless of the remaining free space.


This is a big hammer. Use it wisely.


jenkins-node-cleanup does not remove the workspace of running builds. As an example, if a stack-os-matrix build is running when jenkins-node-cleanup is triggered, even with FORCE_CLEANUP==true, the stack-os-matrix workspaces on active node(s) will not be disturbed.

Jenkins screenshot

Figure 1 Example of triggering a build with FORCE_CLEANUP==true: